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We are a company, specialized in licensing & distribution in the world of sports and entertainment.

Redrock does not just sell your licenses, but starts a collaboration with the sub-licensees to generate the best results possible for all parties.

By investing time to find out what our clients objectives are, we understand the values they stand for and the goals they want to achieve. With these requirements, we search for partners which support the same values and always want to invest in a long-term relationship. Also we check their sales channels, so we create a network which covers the most areas possible.

After selecting the sub-licensee, we partner-up together to discuss the best strategy . The licensee focusses on their sales channels, Redrock integrades the plans in the bigger picture. This way we support the licensee to achieve their goals, and we control all sales channels so products from all licensees can be offered to sales channels from different licensees as well.

Other unique selling points from Redrock:

  • For our clients we secure that all products meet up to their demands and will be sold in markets they approve.
  • We develop Style Guides to secure that all logo’s, slogans, tag lines & corporate identities must be used as desired by our client.
  • Designs will be approved only if they fit in the complete collection which is produced by all sub-licensees. This way your brand will be known and recognized worldwide.
  • Audits will take place, but not just financial. We also check that all products will be produced conform human standards & laws.

With this approach we expose each brand as much as possible, in all possible areas and sales channels, in one ‘look & feel’ as desired by our client, according to their values.

If we may support your brand, and you’d like to contact us for all your questions? Please mail or call us, using the following contact details:

Redrock Licensing
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The Netherlands
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You are more than welcome to discuss everything, with no strings attached.